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Home School students taking courses thru Duval Flex,  as a Home School (Home Education) student will have an initial course progress requirement for every course that they are enrolled in.  Home Education students are required to complete anywhere from 10% to 15% in the first 14 to 20 days (depending on their grade level and course that they are enrolled in).  Students not meeting the initial course progress requirement will be dropped from their course(s).  Parents and students can check with their course’s teacher to find out exactly what the initial progress requirement is for their grade level and/or course that they are enrolled in.  If a student is dropped from a course, there will be no grade posted.  The student is simply dropped from the course within the “drop/grace” period (14 to 20 days) for failure to meet the initial course progress requirement.  Students may request to take the course again, and once the enrollment is approved, may start the course over again from the beginning.  Parents are always encouraged to help the student monitor their academic progress